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Welcome to Elemental Chi

Elemental Chi Healing provides online courses and resources in energy healing practices such as Reiki and Qigong. "Chi" (or "qi") means life force energy. By removing blockages to your life force energy, you can improve your health and well-being. This site is currently being updated and expanded to include more resources on Qigong! Stay tuned!

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Yin-Yang Personal Energy Report


Using yin/yang theory and the wisdom of qigong, we can discover many things about ourselves and our own energy patterns. Based on your Personal Energy Profile and current life challenges, you will get a personalized report detailing recommended steps to help improve your overall energy, personal effectiveness and health. 

Disclaimer: Yin-Yang Personal Energy Reports are not intended to diagnose or treat illness and are not a substitute for working with a licensed doctor. 

Inner Nourishing Qigong Meditation Online Course


​Have you tried meditation only to get frustrated because you can't "empty your mind"? Have you tried positive affirmations for your health but did not experience any concrete results?

Inner Nourishing Qigong Meditation is an accessible and highly effective meditation process that can improve your overall health and well-being. Qigong (pronounced "chee-gong") is an ancient Chinese system of health cultivation.

A Spiritual Answer to ISIS

What happened in Paris over the weekend was sad and shocking. I am sure that many of you have already been sending healing energy to Paris. Periodically, I will release free Reiki attunements to help with certain current events. One was released during the Ebola scare to help diminish the virus. Perhaps it helped! So I am offering one in the wake of the Paris attacks.

The free attunement I am offering is called "Archangel Michael's Sword of Deliverance." Its specific purpose is to liberate people (and groups) from the influence of negativity entities and demons. I know some folks don't believe demons really exist, but I personally can sense the demonic and unfortunately, the darkness over the planet has been increasing like crazy over the past couple of years.

Archangel Michael's Sword of Deliverance - Free Reiki Attunement


This Reiki attunement is designed to connect the healer with Archangel Michael for the purposes of psychic protection and deliverance from demons. It was created In the wake of the Paris terrorist attacks of 2015. This attunement is needed due to the intense spiritual battles being waged over the hearts and souls of men and women in these dark times. For those who can see, the gates of Hell have been unleashed on the planet, and warrior angels are engaged in a great battle against the forces of chaos.

Remove Negative Reiki Attunements Empowerment - NEW


Created upon request! Have you ever had a bad Reiki attunement that left you feeling drained, odd, or out of sorts? Unfortunately, a lot of Reiki energies are contaminated with other "junk" that might not be good for your spiritual health. Worse, some Reiki Masters are selling downright evil "Reiki attunements" such as Vampire Reiki - that teaches how to steal other people's energy! If you get an attunement from a Reiki Master who is dabbling in the dark arts (such as black magic) then you can get energetically contamination from them. 

Triple Shield Empowerment - Reiki Attunement


The Triple Shield Empowerment is an easy-to-use energy shield that is an excellent protection for empaths who tend to pick up on other people’s energies. It’s also a good protection against psychic attack and energy vampirism. The Triple Shield is a strong energy shield, but not overly strong; you will receive the benefits of protection but not be so shielded as to be disconnected from the world. It provides three layers of protection (or filters) against outside energies. You will receive one attunement and a PDF manual.

Earth Connect Reiki


Earth Connect Reiki is a special Reiki energy that connects with the spiritual energy of the planet for healing and wholeness. Through connection with Gaia, we can become more in tune with nature's rhythms and more at peace in our lives. Earth Connect Reiki has three symbols and includes a meditation process.

You will receive one attunement and a PDF manual.

Indigo Light Body Vibrational


Indigo Light Body Vibrational is a healing system brought to us by Hari Andri Winarso. From the manual: "Indigo Light Body Vibrational is an art of healing energy, with specific techniques to enhance essential health and well-being. It is a state of consciousness in which the spirits of love and truth are allowed to predominate, letting the current of life flow freely through us. Indigo Light Body Vibrational is available to everyone who is on a path of healing. This attunement clears the pathways in your body and raises your light body bringing it closer to the Divine.