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Angelic Healing Certification Course


This certification course in Angelic Healing will teach you how to connect with healing angels to facilitate healing sessions with clients. You will also learn how to communicate with and receive messages from angels. Special techniques will be provided to give you a variety of tools to use with your clients. This course is offered in audio format (approx. 6 MP3s) that you can download and listen to at your leisure. You will also receive an accompanying manual in PDF format. The audios are presented in a casual, fun format with detailed explanations of the practices that will help you become more intuitive and connected to the angels.

You will learn:

+ How to improve your intuition to hear your angels more clearly

+ How to receive direct initiations from the angels

+ How to heal clients with the help of the angels

+ How to give your clients an angel reading

This is a complete healing system that you can use to start a healing practice or add onto your existing practice. Training like this might normally cost hundreds if not thousands. This is an affordable way to get started as an angel healer! If you wish to be certified, please select "personal evaluation" from the drop-down below for an extra $25. Upon successful completion of the certification "test" you will receive a certificate with the designation "Certified Angelic Healing Practitioner."

Price: $75.00
*Optional PDF certificate sent via email (please allow 2 weeks for receipt)


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