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Archangel Michael's Sword of Deliverance - Free Reiki Attunement


This Reiki attunement is designed to connect the healer with Archangel Michael for the purposes of psychic protection and deliverance from demons. It was created In the wake of the Paris terrorist attacks of 2015. This attunement is needed due to the intense spiritual battles being waged over the hearts and souls of men and women in these dark times. For those who can see, the gates of Hell have been unleashed on the planet, and warrior angels are engaged in a great battle against the forces of chaos.

This attunement has dual purposes - one is to help clear the negative energy from the planet. The other is to help individuals. You can use this attunement to work on big world issues or help personal clients. 

It is strongly encouraged that you use these Reiki energies to regularly work on ISIS and other terror groups around the world. If a large "army" of healers is activated to work on ISIS, maybe their power can be diminished through spiritual means instead of bombs.

You might also want to read the blog post about this attunement. 

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