What happened in Paris over the weekend was sad and shocking. I am sure that many of you have already been sending healing energy to Paris. Periodically, I will release free Reiki attunements to help with certain current events. One was released during the Ebola scare to help diminish the virus. Perhaps it helped! So I am offering one in the wake of the Paris attacks.

The free attunement I am offering is called "Archangel Michael's Sword of Deliverance." Its specific purpose is to liberate people (and groups) from the influence of negativity entities and demons. I know some folks don't believe demons really exist, but I personally can sense the demonic and unfortunately, the darkness over the planet has been increasing like crazy over the past couple of years.

Prior to the Paris attacks I had this sick feeling in the pit of my stomach all week. There is a darkness that palpable.

There is a reason why suicide is now one of the top killers in the United States as well as worldwide. It is much more difficult right now to break through the veil of darkness surrounding the planet to reach the light. This is why I perceive (in my mind's eye) angels fiercely battling with demons to clear out the dark clouds of negativity that are basically stifling the planet. These angels need our human help and focus to give them more strength in this battle.

(A note on the idea of "spiritual battle" - I don't think this is the same sort of violent "battle" we have on the earth plane, but more of a battle of will to see what sorts of energies are triumphant.)

I have gotten some feedback on this attunement already from someone concerned that this was somehow going to battle against ISIS. Actually, no, there is nothing in this attunement that would actually hurt any ISIS member. It should help them heal! It can be used to liberate members of ISIS from any demons that might be causing them to act out violently. You can use this attunement for yourself, for clients, for groups, and even for world leaders. It is up to YOU how you use it. 

My hope is that people will use it to help stop ISIS from hurting innocents again, but that is up to you. You can also be use this on all the world leaders right now - Russian, Chinese, and yes, American.

Now, what is interesting to me is that I was also told that all of this going on right now (with the Paris attacks, etc.) is part of a karmic cycle. That may be, but I for one have absolutely no interest in carrying on a karmic cycle that will simply feed upon itself and create more carnage down the road.

So does the West "deserve" to be hit due to past transgressions? I'm frankly not comfortable in using that explanation to make myself feel better about what happened in Paris. My goal as a healer is to try to remove as much unnecessary suffering from the planet as possible. We should be clearing karma, not contributing to it.

I have a problem with any New Age philosophy that claims to "make OK" atrocities such as ISIS's child sex slavery or terrorism due to "karma," just as much as I have a problem with certain fire-and-brimstone "Christians" predicting with palpable glee destruction of America due to "God's judgment" over American hedonism.

I also have a big problem with well-meaning but misguided civil rights activists who use past oppression as a reason to justify modern-may mob revenge - nobody should be fired and have their lives destroyed just for being white and not "sensitive" enough. Bloody carnage, revenge, and stifling of opposing opinions doesn't help anyone, and it doesn't teach us anything. It is a cycle we must break.

The thing all of these disparate groups have in common is a deep sense of self-righteousness that is fueling a desire for revenge and power. 

The negative entities oppressing the planet right now - who feed off our unresolved negative emotions like vampires - want nothing more than for this cycle to continue. They want more terrorism, more angry mobs, and more self-righteousness. It's something we all have to watch out for - who among us hasn't secretly wished revenge (even small) on someone who hurt us badly? But the difference between us and the people in ISIS is that we learn to forgive.

I recommend watching the movie Gandhi. Gandhi and his followers defeated the British Empire without firing a shot. They did it entirely peacefully. Frankly, I don't care how justified ISIS thinks they are, they have no excuse for the atrocities they are committing. None.

There can be another way. We need more Ghandis in the world today.