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Practical Reiki Independent Study

  • Recorded Webinar

Learn this simple, powerful Reiki method online!

Practical Reiki will empower you to heal yourself, help others heal, and open the doors to many new opportunities as a holistic practitioner.

Practical Reiki is a user-friendly, simple and strong Reiki modality distinguished by these characteristics:

  • There are no symbols.
  • There are no hand positions. The hands-on treatment involves placing hands on the shoulders of the recipient and letting the energy flow where it is needed. Distance channeling involves simply intending the energy to go to the recipient, holding the hands facing each other, and letting the energy flow until it stops.
  • The energy flows from the earth up, combining with Reiki energy from above through the crown chakra and flows out through the hands.
  • Giving attunements is a simple matter of intending that the recipient receive the attunement when ready.
  • A treatment typically takes about 5 minutes. The energy actually stops flowing when it’s done. The recipient, however, may feel the energy continue for up to an hour.

Learn Practical Reiki online with the founder of the system, Alice Langholt, Reiki Master Teacher. View the recordings of the live classes as taught in a web classroom format. You need a DSL or Broadband Internet connection. An access link will be provided to enrolled students.

After completing the course, you will be empowered to teach and attune others as a Practical ReikiTMMaster

You’ll receive:

  • Access to 4 2-hour live class recordings, just like being in a live class!
  • Attunements to all 3 levels of Practical Reiki (through Master level) arranged via email.
  • Complete personal email support and guidance – I’m here to answer questions and am always happy to hear about your experiences.
  • A certificate with your name and the date of your Master Level Attunement in pdf format at completion of the course

"There is no way I could thank you for all that Practical Reiki has done for me. It has changed my life. You wouldn't even recognize me now. There is no challenge in my life that I can't heal.  I am OVER-empowered with energy and it just flows every where, Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU." ~BJ Clausen, Practical Reiki Independent Study Student


Materials needed: Practical ReikiTM for balance, well-being, and vibrant health and The Practical Reiki Companion workbook. <---Click title for the package deal. Available in our store, or on

Special offer - Add a one-on-one 60 minute Skype Session with Alice Langholt (founder of Practical Reiki, author of the books and instructor for the course) for only $50. Use this session to ask all of your questions, get personal feedback, and to share your progress! This is optional, but a new bonus opportunity for those taking the Independent Study Practical Reiki course. Alice will contact you to schedule this Skype session. Your Skype session can be scheduled at any time throughout your progress through the course based on when you'd like to have your hour with Alice. 


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