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Elenari Healing System

From Rev. Gail Lehmann, OM; EHS Master, Founder/Originator, Reiki Master:

The Elenari Healing System is a sharing system---free of all money exchange/energy exchange. It is truly one of the first ‘pay it forward’ systems, in which there is a degree of passing it on to be passed on and on. Therefore, no money or energy need be used as a way to ‘pay’ for this system. Share it completely on every level.

Elenari translates to “Star Elf”. All healing on this dimension comes from the Higher Realms of the traditional Source—the Higher Source/Creator/God/Goddess of All. The Star Realms. This healing system utilizes our senses of visualization and intention to heal. The connection is Earth based and Star based. It implements only 3 symbols, by visualization only; and can be used to heal any element, person, animal, or plant. It may be used to magnify and manifest our needs. It may be used as a way of communication—sending energy from one person to another through our intention and breath, for breath is a translation of Life and Spirit. This system allows us to know who we are---Beings of Light. It will assist in even greater knowing as it grows within you and you connect to the Source of All Life For those who are Starseeds and Starbornes; this system will assist in your growth in a very powerful way. It will bring your reasons for being here into reality. This system will also open the door to a new connection to the Realm of the Faery, in which this system if initially based. There is a deep opening to Nature within this system—the connection to Mother Earth heightens and broadens as you walk this path.

Elenari Healing System Manual

How to Receive the Attunements
There are three attunements in the Elenari Healing System. Please wait three days in between attunements for each level.

Attunements can be sent over distance and time, so this attunement is there for you, ready to receive it whenever it is most convenient. To receive the attunement, set aside approximately 30-45 minutes for meditation. You may choose to enhance your experience using candles, essential oils, or anything else that creates a sacred space for you.

When you are ready, state:

Gracious Ones of the Fae, I come with love and sharing to receive this attunement for Level One/Level Two/Level Three, and the Symbol _________ of the Elenari Healing System. I receive it with Love, Light and Peace; for the highest good of myself and for my gentle and complete healing. May my life be blessed abundantly and with joy and Light. And so it is.

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