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Hands of Jesus Attunement

This free attunement is provided by Alasdair Bothwell Gordon, EdD, of Scotland. From the manual:

Whilst my own upbringing and background was - and remains - within the mainstream Christian tradition, Jesus (known to some as Sananda) is a person who is wider, deeper, higher and bigger than any church, religion, philosophy or system of belief.

Most of the great world religions respect the person of Jesus. Even those who have no formal religious belief admire and respect him. To some he is the Saviour of the World and the Son of God. To others he is great prophet and teacher. To others still he is a moral inspiration.

I suggest, respectfully, that the Hands of Jesus Attunement has a place in all belief systems. Jesus has been called "The Great Physician." I have read articles suggesting that he was actually a great hypnotherapist or even the first ever Reiki Master. You will make your own choice as to who Jesus was and is.

What is not in doubt, assuming (and there is no good reason to assume otherwise) the basic integrity of the New Testament Gospels, is that Jesus healed people of many different conditions, including paralysis, lameness, fever, catalepsy, haemorrhage, leprosy and other skin diseases, mental illness, deafness, blindness.

Hands of Jesus Attunement Manual

How to Receive the Attunement
To take the attunement, find a quite and peaceful place. Bring your hands together as if in prayer and ask to receive the Hands of Jesus attunement. You may feel your hands getting really warm, although this is not a necessity.

Gradually open your hands as though forming a cup in which you could hold water and feel the sensation that comes with that. Gradually separate your hands and hold them palms upwards. Hold them there as long as you feel it is appropriate. The attunement is complete.

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