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Higher Level Angelic Healing Course


This is a follow-up to the popular Angelic Healing Certification Course. While it is recommended that you take the other course first, the Higher Level Angelic Healing Course can also be taken as a standalone.

This course teaches a 5-step healing process that works to clear out deep blockages and resistance to healing. It is an effective process that can be used on yourself or with clients. Among other tools, you will learn how to identify and remove energetic strongholds that serve as stubborn energy blocks.

Learn how to: 

  • Empower the client to tune into to their emotions and angelic guidance
  • Guide the client without pushing your viewpoint on them too much
  • Clear out resistance and negative energies with the help of the angels
  • Connect with the energy of the Angelic Virtues
  • Provide ongoing protection and angelic support

This audio course comes with lots of content! You will receive downloadable MP3 files and a PDF manual (39 pages).

To receive a certificate, you must get a personal evaluation, which includes a "test" (that mostly involves practicing with your own clients).

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