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Free Money Reiki Symbol

This is a free symbol you can use with the Money Reiki system or separately. Tineke Wijnker from the Netherlands received this symbol while getting the Money Reiki attunement:

During the attunement i saw another symbol and got the feeling it draw all other money forms from all over the world in the diamond or sun in the centre.
If local money symbols need healing this symbol can be used.
The symbol can take any colour.

Download Money Reiki Symbol

How to Attune to This Symbol
If you wish to be attuned to this symbol, you will need to attune yourself. Go into meditation and ask to connect to your higher self. Visualize the symbol entering into the crown of your head while meditating.

It is a good idea to drink some water after an attunement, and to take it easy for the next day to allow the energies to settle.

If you like this energy and would like to support new energies and free attunements, you are welcome to submit a donation...even a $1 would be great!

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