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Past Life Regression Experience Home Audio Course


$5 off! Have you always wanted to experience a past life regression but did not have access to a hypnotherapist who could guide you through the process? Now you can experience past life regression in the comfort of your own home with the Past Life Regression Experience Home Audio Course.

You will experience not one, but two separate past life regressions. The first is a practice run of sorts that teaches you how to access a past life and remember specific details about the time period that you can later research. The second session is a "Karmic Counterpart" session that will take you back to the past life most directly related to this current lifetime.

The hypnosis sessions are done with safety in mind, so you will be guided to avoid experiencing anything too distressful. 

A version of this course was given to his hypnosis students by a master hypnotist and past life regression therapist to share with others. The techniques in these hypnosis audios come from decades of experience!

You will receive: Two hypnosis sessions and supporting audio files providing background information on past life regressions and full instructions - all in MP3 format. 

Included with your hypnosis audios are two "Trip Record" forms in PDF format, so you can write down as much as you can remember after the session is done.

No physical items will be shipped - this is a downloadable course. 


Price: $35.00


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