Qigong is a comprehensive healing system from China that works with "life force energy" or "chi" (also spelled qi) as the basis of health and well-being. It has been around for thousands of years, and has hundreds if not thousands of forms and branches. Qigong consists of movement (like Tai Chi), meditation, and energy healing.   

You will read many different definitions (and spellings!) of Qigong. From the Global Qi Project website:

QIGONG is known by other names – it is also called Chi Kung, Ji Kong, Ki Jong and other various spellings, but is pronounced ‘Chee Gung’. ‘Qi’ means Energy, Vitality, Life. ‘Gong’ means Working With, Developing or Cultivating. So, Qigong can be translated as… …Working with Energy, Developing Vitality, or Cultivating Life.

Qigong is part of Chinese Traditional Medicine and shares many concepts with acupuncture. This includes the idea of"meridians" (energetic pathways in the body), acupuncture/acupressure points, and five element theory.

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