I am selling the rights to all my Reiki attunements. I am not disavowing Reiki, but I'm more interested in studying and teaching other things now.

What you get when you purchase the rights to my Reiki attunements:

1. You "own" the copyright of the manual and can brand it with your own name and business.

2. Once you update the manual to have your own contact information (removing mine), I will stop selling the old manual and attunement from my website. On my shopping cart page for that attunement, I will link to the page where you are offering the Reiki attunement and direct people to purchase your version instead. (I provide no guarantees as to how long the link will last…should be at least a year if not more, but I cannot foresee every situation.)

The benefits to you are that you get to own and grow the system, and you may get some additional traffic to your website.

The cost is a suggested $100 donation for a single-level Reiki system, and $50 per additional level in the same system (note: you must get all levels of a multi-level system). You must have the Reiki system already (the manual is not included in the $100 donation), or you can purchase the system from me in addition to providing the donation.

If you donate $300, say for 3 separate systems or a combination of systems and levels, you get the fourth single-level system free.

(Store coupons do not apply to purchasing Reiki attunement rights.)

Please note that a few Reiki systems in my store are by other Reiki Masters, and I cannot sell the rights to those systems.

When you get the rights to the Reiki attunement(s), you agree to not combine or sell the attunement(s) with any sort of manipulative or dark energies, such as "vampire" Reiki or any sort of black magic, curses, or hexes. This includes other items sold on the same website.

First-come, first serve. Whoever pays the donation first gets the Reiki system. You can let me know you are interested in a system, but I cannot hold a system for you indefinitely.

The following systems are not available:

Money Reiki (Levels 1, 2, and 3)
Christos Initiations

I will add to this list as more Reiki attunement rights are taken.

FILL OUT THE FORM HERE to let me know what systems you want. I will then email an agreement and a confirmation (if what you want is available), and then you will send that back to me with your donation. Once you have updated the manual(s) and posted it on your website, I will remove my version and link to yours.

Thank you!