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Reiki Level I

by Rev. Jason Storm At the first level of Reiki the body's natural capacity for Universal Energy is greatly expanded. The Human Energy Complex (HEC) is expanded and refined, blockages are released, toxins are purged, and the chakras are aligned, opened, and cleansed. The crown, third eye, heart, and palm chakras are opened and a permanent connection to Reiki is established. Once you have been attuned to the First Degree, you can never, NEVER lose this channel, it CAN ONLY GET BIGGER AND STRONGER. When you are once a Reiki Channel, you are forever a Reiki Channel. And this is the first thing you should remember. YOU ARE MERELY A CHANNEL FOR THE HEALING ENERGY, YOU ARE NOT PROVIDING OR CREATING THIS ENERGY. So, you don't give energy to someone, you simply share it with them in the way their system most needs. Amazon Honor System When you first receive your attunement, and in some cases even before you actually receive it, your body(ies) will begin to "clear" its stuck, stagnant, and weak energies. There can be very strong physical symptoms of clearing including diarrhea, runny nose, sneezing, nervousness, increased or decreased appetite, strange dreams, mild depression, and other symptoms of releasing physical and mental blockages. REMEMBER, THESE SYMPTOMS ARE ONLY TEMPORARY and will pass quickly. Use Reiki to treat these symptoms and they will clear faster. The rule of thumb is that there is about a three day clearing period per chakra and you have seven (7) primary chakras. So the clearing period for the First Degree is about three weeks. CAUTIONARY NOTE!: If you think that you will want to take the Second Degree training quickly after the First, please consider very carefully. When you progress to the Second Degree, the energy that your physical body can hold and transmit will be doubled and squared. Meaning if you have a light bulb that is 100 watts, when it is doubled and squared it will be 40,000 watts (100 doubled is 200, 200 x 200 = 40,000). It is IN YOUR BEST INTERESTS to learn the first degree then practice it on yourself and anyone who will let you for at least three months (traditionally one year!). Give the new energy patterns time to settle in your system. Then when you feel ready, proceed to Level II. If you do it quickly, you can expect increased and amplified symptoms of clearing, and espcially with the Level II clearing, it can be very, VERY EMOTIONALLY UNPLEASANT, if you don't wait. Consider yourself warned! :-) If you would like to take a "test-drive" of Reiki energy before you proceed, you can click here to connect to an energy channel attuned into the internet to feel Reiki for yourself.

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