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5 Reasons Why You Should Include Angels in Your Reiki Healing Sessions

Elemental Chi

If you are a Reiki healer, you are probably always looking for additional tools for your healing toolkit. One easy and highly effective add-on to Reiki is healing with angels. Angels are, of course, very popular in the New Age community. Beloved as messengers, healers, and guides, angels transcend dogma. They can provide a level of comfort that an impersonal "universe" may not give to clients.

How Angels Enhance Reiki Healing

Reiki sessions on their own can be very soothing and healing, but why not enhance them with the help of the angels? Here are five ways angels help make Reiki sessions even better:

1. Reiki Healing Clients Love Angels

Generally speaking, if a client comes to you for a Reiki healing session, they are probably open to working with angels. Skeptics generally don't try Reiki, unless to write an article or on a dare, so you can usually bring up angels to clients and receive a positive response. Always ask your client if they are open to working with angels, and get permission to connect with the angels at the start of the session.

2. Angels Can Help Guide Your Healing Session

Whether you can literally hear angels or not, they are often guiding you if you invite them into a healing session. You do not need to consciously perceive the angels in order to get their gentle guidance. It may be a feeling that you have, or a chance phrase that your client shares that catches your ear.

3. Angels Add Additional Power to Reiki Healing

When using traditional Reiki, the universal life force energy runs through your own energy channels to the client. An angel can assist in healing using their own healing energy that goes beyond what you, alone, can provide. This, of course, increases the power and effectiveness of the healing.

4. Angels Provide Psychic Protection

Angels (not fallen angels, of course) are God's messengers and servants, and as such, they are in opposition to evil. Having angels in your healing session provides psychic protection from negative energies, entities, and demons that may be blocking healing progress for your client.

5. Angels Can Strengthen Your Reiki Channel

By working with angels, you are inviting them to help you grow as a healer. They will assist in unblocking any energetic blockages you may have that are slowing down the Reiki energy from doing its work. If you are practicing Reiki healing on yourself, the angels will make it that much more effective.

Angels and Reiki Healing: A Natural Match

Once you start using angels in your Reiki healings, you'll wonder how you ever got along without them. 

Start working with angels today to take your healing sessions to the next level! To learn how you can work with the angels, with or without Reiki, check out the Angel Healing Course and Higher Level Angelic Healing Course

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