It used to be standard to provide a certificate with a Reiki attunement. Yet, at the same time, Reiki attunements used to be a lot harder to find on the Internet, and they cost a lot more money ($80 or more!). These days, many Reiki attunements are available for free in online forums, and a Reiki attunement certificate is not as meaningful as it used to be.


First of all, I'm finding the idea of handing out signed certificates like candy - just for someone receiving a manual and a distance attunement - sort of cheapens the idea of a certificate. So for that reason alone, I've started to rethink certificates.

Mostly, it's an issue of time and energy.


For a while, I offered electronic PDF certificates with each order, but found it was very difficult to keep up with. Rather than raising the prices per order, I changed the system to charge extra for a PDF certificate ($5). Most people opted not to order the certificates. What this told me was that it was not valuable or necessary for most people. 

For the remainder who did buy certificates, there was still the work to be done in producing the custom certificate. This takes time that I would rather use to work on new courses, or study, or take care of other business. Creating a certificate in and of itself does not take a huge amount of time, but the email back and forth does add up. There's also the time/energy cost of switching gears to get into "certificate mode" to take care of them.

To help, I have had quite a few wonderful assistants who would trade taking care of certificates in exchange for course credit. The volume of certificates was low overall, but most volunteers could not respond right away because this was not a paid job for them. I was dealing with emails asking about the status of certificates. I found it was still adding stress to the business of running this website.


When my last volunteer gracefully left after doing a great job, I had to really think about whether I should get another volunteer or come up with another solution. The thing is, people generally want certificates quickly if they do order them, but I simply don't have the volume of business to pay a virtual assistant to handle things quickly.

I even had one "Reiki Master" trash me in an email for not having the certificates done more quickly, as this was a "business" and even though I had a volunteer helping me, I still needed to have the business act like a business. Never mind the fact that there's no way one person can humanly respond as quickly as many online businesses like Amazon, which have deep pockets (but then hire cheap overseas labor to provide support). 

Ultimately, I decided that the small amount of business I might lose if I didn't offer certificates wasn't worth the hassle and stress. I'm also moving this site away from focusing on Reiki into other arenas. Reiki is so ubiquitous that it's not really a sustainable business model for me at this time, never mind the fact that I'm just much more excited about other healing arts at this stage in my personal growth.


There will be certificates available for some online courses (as part of a personal evaluation), as well as basic Reiki (I, I, and III) courses and a few major systems that have higher value. I will also be providing Reiki packages that may have an option for a certificate of completion. But please understand, if the Reiki attunement does not explicitly offer a certificate, then it is not included, nor do I offer them for an additional fee.

I am perfectly OK if you take your business elsewhere if this is an issue. As I am focusing more and more on online courses (including video courses), I expect my Reiki business to fade naturally anyway. However, I do hope you'll order a few things, as that helps fund my new classes.

Thank you for understanding!