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Xen Healing Level 3 - Intuition - Audio Course


NORMALLY $75 - NOW $25 for a limited time! 

I will be redoing this course soon because it needs to be renamed - the old name "Xen Healing" was not really descriptive enough, and the domain name I had for it expired and someone else bought it. "Xen Healing" is now being used by a Korean healer and to avoid confusion, the course needs to be redone! (And it needed to be updated anyway!)

So until the new course is ready, you can buy the old one at a steep discount. No certificates will be provided for this old course. However, you can use the techniques and benefit from them.

Note: Once the new course is done, these old files will no longer be available for sale so get them now because the new course will be different in many ways!

Old Course Description

Please make sure you have already purchased Xen Healing Level 2 prior to taking Level 3! In Xen Healing Level 3, you will learn how to use the power of intuition for healing. You will also learn how to heal others. The course comes with 6 MP3 audios (approx. 35-45 minutes each) and a workbook in PDF format that includes a guided meditation you can use with your clients.

Price: $25.00


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